Exclusive Clip From AMERICAN ROMANCE Comes In Peace

Since it’s terror Tuesday, how about a creepy clip to “brighten up” your day? Today we have an exclusive clip from AMERICAN ROMANCE, the creepy new film featuring Daveigh Chase from The Ring…

Researching her book on the “Diorama Killer” has brought writer Faye Williams (Elana Krausz) to the door of washed up Sheriff, Rickey Stern (Barlow Jacobs), who is struggling to come to terms with his role in taking down one of the FBI’s most wanted. It had been against this backdrop that honeymooners, Jeff (Nolan Gerard Funk) and Krissy Madison (Daveigh Chase), found themselves knocking on the front door of Emery Reed (John Savage) after their car blew a tire – they weren’t to know that Emery was holding a loaded gun to his own head. As the Sheriff follows the Diorama Killer’s trail, the violent struggle that plays out at the Reed home tests the values that lie at the very heart of relationships and romance — and asks whether, when faced with life-threatening adversity, if true love really can conquer all.

AMERICAN ROMANCE will be in select theaters and VOD October 21!

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