Creator Buz Hasson Talks The Living Corpse: Relics

The creative team behind The Living Corpse comics have announced a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to fund the latest installment of the story!

Sequel to the widely-loved Living Corpse, The Living Corpse: Relics is a 160+ page original graphic novel that contains a brand new Living Corpse story as well as a ton of behind the scenes material. Think scripts, character designs and a ton of great pin-ups from a bunch of kick ass artists!

relics-logo1But there’s one catch, creators Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson and Blair Smith need your help to bring their idea to life!

The team has put together a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to fund the completion of the book and get it on shelves!

For the month of October, fans will be able to contribute to the making of The Living Corpse: Relics, and score a bunch of great rewards along the way. From your very own copy of the upcoming book, to an entire Living Corpse package, fans can receive a stack of great Living Corpse merch from anywhere across the globe.

Plus, fans can get a free sneak peak at the new book on the Kickstarter page!

11113879_477497355742623_1867945772977112571_nBuz: It started for me with rick bakers make up fx on THRILLER….i couldn’t get enough of the process John Landis and him did on the music video as a young kid! ha-ha from there all things creepy had me interested.

Do you have a favourite filmmaker or film from the genre?
Buz: I love Sam Raimi. his camera style and concepts are my favorite, the humor and horror. can’t beat it!

How much have those films or filmmakers influenced your comic work?
Buz: tremendously. I’m a huge fan of all the work KNB fx work have done on his films and all the films those guys and the tremendously talented crew they’ve worked with over the years have done. i was very inspired by Optic Nerves work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer…. John Wheaton’s concept art was really cool and of course comic legend Kerry Gammil who designed a bunch for Steve Johnson XFX….I could go on. haha

What about this latest comic, that’s on Kickstarter?
Buz: The Living Corpse was heavily inspired by Army of Darkness, me and ken just love that film and Ash as a whole. great stuff. Most of the Story were telling now is inspired by years of drawing and listening to esoteric news on YouTube….we love strange and unusual phenomenon stuff.

corpse-sticker-2013What advice do you have for aspiring comic book writers?
Buz: do it for the love of it and don’t give up if it’s something you really want to see manifest. Doing it cause its trendy won’t be enough effort to make it happen… we eat sleep and breathe this stuff.

What advice do you have for those entering the filmmaking industry?
Buz: I don’t have any. I’m still new to it. Same deal. Requires working for free for a while to generate contacts and understanding of your skillset and what your worth to the environment of it all…..gotta love it to do it.

How can people donate to the Kickstarter?
Buz: people can donate with money. rewards as low as a buck! or share it….never know who might be into the zombie slapstick action comic adventures of our Living Corpse! First Zombie Superhero!

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