Review: Vampyres (2016)

Blood is the life when it comes to vampires. To drink it, to bath in it, to celebrate it, these are the things that they live for. You get all of this and more in the remake of VAMPYRES, again written by Jose Larraz and directed by Victor Matello after Larraz’s death. Translating the 1974 film to modern times with classic imagery is something that sets this film apart. And with Halloween on its way, it’s perfect that this is among the new horror movies coming out this season.


VAMPYRES opens with two women in bed, making love, with blood dripping between their breasts. On the floor, a large burlap sack with blood seeping through from an obvious body. It’s a striking and horrifying image that is more disturbing than erotic.

Three campers, Harriet (Verónica Polo), John (Anthony Rotsa) and Nolan (Víctor Vidal) are staying near an old house in the woods. Unknown to them, this is the house of the two vampyric women Miriam (Almudena Léon) and Fran (Marta Flich), who only have one (well, maybe two) things on their minds.

foto-fija-vampyres-2Vampyres 2016 is a difficult film to judge. It is a mostly solid effort that resurrects a forgotten style of horror. Moments of the cloaked vampires in the woods or on the road are atmospheric and surreal. The problem is that the film sometimes feels like Victor Matello is trying to imitate Jose Larraz’s style and it falls short.

That being said, the film works overall very well. Almudena Léonand and Marta Flich have a sensual presence that is also frightening. When they take the gloves off in the final act, they are quite formidable screen vampires. vampyres_first_images_3_carolinemunro

If you are a fan of not only the original, but 1970’s Euro horror, this is worth a look. It is the final love letter from Jose Larraz, who died during pre-production and also features a performance by Caroline Munro. Pour a glass of wine, light a candle, and watch this one this Halloween!

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