Black Sails” Season 3 DVD Clip from “A Pirate’s Last Words”

In the world of BLACK SAILS, there was no pirate truer to the cause than Charles Vane. Season 3 brought the man full circle with his historical destiny and was one of the most powerful moments on the show. Today we have a clip from “A Pirate’s Last Words”. One of the features on the season 3 set of BLACK SAILS…

Legendary pirates face off in the thrilling STARZ Original series “BLACK SAILS: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON” arriving on Blu-ray™ + Digital HD with Ultraviolet™ and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment on November 8, 2016. The notorious raider Blackbeard arrives on the scene in the third season of “BlackSails,” as Captain Flint, Charles Vane, John Silver, and Jack Rackham vie for control of Nassau.  The three-disc set contains all 10 episodes and over 40 minutes of special features, including 10 minutes of new exclusive extras!


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