Review: Jen And Sylvia Soska Put The Hell In HELLEVATOR Season 2

It’s that special and spooky time of year when we can’t get enough horror in our lives. Movies, haunts, parties, no matter the occasion, it’s better in blood. The Soska Sisters understand this and have geared up an even bloodier season of their already awesome horror themed game show, HELLEVATOR.

HELLEVATOR Season 2 kicks things up a notch in every way. Instead of three players as there have been in the past. The first episode brings in four. how does this change the game? One gets to be tormented non stop throughout the course of the game. LOVE IT! This year’s theme is the seven deadly sins and you are definitely put through the test. The premiere episode definitely has a theme, which is Gluttony, but all of the sins are on the table once you make it to the final round!

hells2There is also a different feel around the set. Jen and Sylvia Soska, writer/directors of the award-winning American Mary, as well as Dead Hooker In A Trunk and See No Evil 2, know how to create the scare and this season seems much more a product of their twisted minds. The scare factor has been turned up with monster and madmen (or women) popping out at crucial moments to distract the players from completing their mission. The challenges are also much more…er…challenging. The gross out factor is high in a couple of the rooms and it is so entertaining to watch! Hell is coming with the Soskas this season!

The look of the Soskas has also changed. Gone is the Sweeny Todd makeover and back is the leather and simple but gorgeous straight hair! And if you thought they were mean and evil last season, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

All in all, the season 2 premiere was perfect and is a great way to usher in the first week of Shocktober! If you haven’t watched yet (and I can’t understand why) you can check out the premiere tonight on GSN at 9/8 c or anytime on Hulu.

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