INTERVIEW: Jen And Sylvia Soska Hint At The Horror Of HELLEVATOR S2

Premiering tonight is season 2 of Hellevator, Blumhouse’s seriously addictive horror game show hosted by the most twisted of twins, award winning directors Jen and Sylvia Soska. In between torturing contestants, we got together for a chat in their spacious slaughterhouse so they can let me in on a few things to look out for in the new season. Anything you learn can help save you so pay attention…

Sinful Celluloid – For those who have never seen the show before, please describe Hellevator.

SC – For the people at home who have never seen it before, shame on you. It’s on Hulu. It’s an interactive horror movie experience. It’s like going into a Blumhouse movie and trying to survive.

The first floor you can win up to $2000.00, the second floor up to 3,000.00 and the third floor up to $5,000.00 So you only get up to $10,000.00. So you only get up to $10,000.00 in the first challenges. Now you have to go down to the inferno and there’s seven different doors for every single sin and that’s how you can win up to $40,000.00.

JS – It’s a survival horror game show and the best thing is that they don’t know the plot of the horror movie. Only we do (maniacal laughter).

SC – Let’s talk Hellevatorseason 2 How is it different than the first?

Sylvia Soska – I believe last year Hellevator was very theatrical and this year is more cinematic. It feels kind of like a David Fincher movie.

Jen Soska – The challenges are based on the seven deadly sins. Before it was catering to the psych profile of our victims/contestants but now we have groups that are models and our groups are very model inspired. I think we had eating people. You can only imagine what they’ll be eating.

SS – I look forward to the day the bug guy is called in for that one. (evil laughs)

JS – I will also say that it’s a lot darker, a lot harder and a lot funnier for us!

SS – We were obviously thinking about the family component for this one.

JS – Another big change is that instead of three contestants, we have for, because one contestant right off the bat gets kidnapped and thrown in the cell in the inferno. We no longer have a labyrinth, we have an inferno.

SC – Now when it come to the seven deadly sins, what are your favorites?

SS – I guess the one I suffer from is wrath. I have a slight bit of a temper. It takes a while to get me there but once you get there there is no cooling down.

JS – I would agree. For me? Probably pride. Cause I watch what the contestants have to do and I’m like No Fucking Way! My seat is the best seat in the house.

SS – A lot of people think lust means they won’t have to do something horrible but I guarantee, everything is horrible. They all suck!

SC – Do you have any input into what is created?

SS – Oh yes. It’s a very collaborative process. There’s so many creative people here and so many producers. It’s almost how can we push it farther. And the sound this season, cause you know that the sound really makes a horror movie. There are some rooms where you’re walking and you see something that you really wish you hadn’t. Then the horrible sounds start and a little light bulb will turn on and you have to walk there. We’re like “Follow the light!” and they’re like “I don’t want to”

JS – Also the way to the challenge is the scariest part. At least when you’re doing the challenge, you’re doing something.

SC – OK. Hellevator season 2 in one word. GO…

SS – Fincher

JS – Mean-spirited!!!

Finishing up, the Soskas dropped one final little tidbit…

JS – There is a very famous serial killer from Canada that’s feature. How aboot that eh?

SS – I’ll give one hint oink oink (laughs)

JS – Always beware of someone who owns a hog farm.

SS – I know right?

JS – In unrelated news…we’re gonna be getting a hog farm.

HELLEVATOR is on Fridays at 9/8 c on GSN! Watch it tonight!!!

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