Event Review: Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Every year in Long Beach, Ca., the famous and very haunted Queen Mary explodes into full dark carnival of Halloween delight! Ghosts and spirits return from the sea and take over the harbor. This event is known simply enough as Queen Mary Dark Harbor and if you are in southern California, it is the place to be.

2016092fg232724The harbor in front of the ship transforms into a carnival of horrors complete with eateries, activities, rouge monsters, shows, and of course, the mazes. Speaking of which, this year ads an all new maze and character to the fold…INTREPID and The Iron Master!

The new maze INTREPID is run by The Iron Master, a Scottish ship builder who has returned from the depths o reclaim his precious ship. INTREPID is also a unique design containing a ghost train and shipyard. This spooky new maze is both atmospheric and also adds a new layer to the mythology. A must see!

223906-4Another can’t miss is CIRCUS, which is an ever evolving maze that just keeps getting better. There are different experiences hidden within the maze that is run by The Ringmaster, a strange and nightmarish creature that haunts the circus area with her demented spirits. I once again fell victim to the ball pit where last year, fellow Journalist Sean Decker of Dread Central left me to die! Good times indeed.

LULLABY is a particularly creepy maze since it is based around Scary Mary, the little girl who haunts the pool area in real life! I feel a chill every time she makes an appearance and it is amazing!

SOULMATE, the maze haunted by the beautiful Graceful Gale, has undergone an overhaul as well as is a bit more tragic and disturbing with more interaction between her and the guests.

20160929-202239If you’ve done the mazes and are looking for something a bit different, Dark Harbor has pulled out all the stops with there new 4D experience entitled PANIC 4D! This is a wild and fright filled trip through the ship visual experience that had many people in the audience (yes adults) screaming and jumping out of their seats. SO MUCH FUN!

There is so much goodness at this years event that it’s hard to do it all! There are freak shows, paintball, and bars as well. Something for everybody and everybody will likely want to do everything!

Dark Harbor continues through the end of October and is a lot better than the usual theme park scares! Check it out if you dare!

You can get tickets and more info HERE!

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