Event Review: Cross Roads Escape Games – The Hex Room

This past weekend, we visited a brand new and fresh escape room located in Southern California, Cross Roads Escape Games. As I have previously stated, The Hex Room is probably the best escape room out there. What makes this one so special? Let me explain.

Escape rooms come in all shapes and sizes but are all generally the same. A group of friends are locked in a room (or series of rooms) and must solve puzzles to escape. This is all good fun but what sets The Hex Room apart is that there is a sense of discovery about it. Players can unlock secret rooms and tunnels that changes the geography of their game and provides an exciting feeling of venturing into the unknown.

In The Hex Room, you are one of the archetypes of a horror film. The Detective, jock, the rebel, the virgin, nerd, and prom queen. You are trapped by a chainsaw wielding killer and have one hour to escape by solving the puzzles in their individual cells and helping each other. It’s unlike any other escape room out there. And the best part is that you can play again and again. Every time you play as a different character, you play a new game.

Cross Roads Escape Games is located at Cross Roads Escape Games 4245 E. La Palma Ave. | Anaheim, CA 92807

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