Review: TRIANGLE 2016

A group of friends receive a mysterious postcard from their friend Nathaniel, who has been estranged for three years. He has been living in a “Burning Man” inspired commune, far out of the reach of society. Though that sound like a cool party, the attitude is much more paranoid and controlled when they arrive.

13627093_581177505376659_6212000043812840873_nNathaniel meets up with them upon their arrival and introduces them to the “Leader”, Rizzo, before running off once again. With no friendly face to guide (or protect) them, they find themselves effectively blind, at the mercy of the rules that are laid out immediately. There is a tension amongst the group and Rizzo comes off as both cool and dangerous at the same time. Is this place really dependent on its rules for survival or is there something deeper going on?

As time goes on the group is taken to a cave nearby that contains a secret that may be the center of the creation of the triangle and possibly signal its undoing.

14479681The Triangle is the work of David Blair, Nathaniel Peterson, Adam Pitman, Andrew Rizzo and Adam Stilwell who collectively write and direct, and star. This is one of the triumphs of the film. Where many films suffer from too many cooks in the kitchen, The Triangle befits from the different points of view, creating a more organic and dare I say, realistic experience.

13244811Another thing that sets the film apart is how good the performances are. Every one of the guys is natural on camera and you believe that they are real people stuck in this situation. It’s a hard thing to pull off but The Triangle does so with little effort.

Since the film is built around the overall experience, I can’t really tell you more, but you should see it as soon as possible. The Triangle is available NOW!

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