Haunt Review: CreepLA Ups The Creep Factor This Year

Last year’s break out haunt was easily CreepLA, a fully immersive experience that set the bar high for haunts across the nation. Rather than a torture experience or a jump scare walk through, CreepLA functions as a deep psychological decent into true terror. This year they returned  with a new venue and story that took me a full day after to recover from.

dsc-8649-2-3CreepLA is located in a one story warehouse like area in Los Angeles. As you wait in the growing darkness, the song Creep plays from the speakers. This cover of the Radiohead classic is song by a children’s choir and though you may think that this is just throw away entertainment while you wait, it is the first step towards invading your psyche. That is the name of the game in CreepLA.

You soon find yourself in a deviant club called The Red Room. There is a photo booth and bar and sexy women but know that there is an ulterior motive to all.

There are strange cult like moments, sexual tensions both inviting and unwanted. A feeling that you may have made a very bad decision. These moments build throughout the hour and a half journey, culminating in an all out panic inducing free for all once you find the darkness that lies.

To describe further would ruin the experience but I will say this, you will experience fear deeper than you will expect. A powerlessness and paranoia that perhaps the experience will follow you home.

CreepLA is open now through October. If you can make it to Los Angeles for this, I HIGHLY advise it! Tickets are available here: http://www.creepla.com/

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