Jennica Gives BB An A+

There is not anything on this planet more gratifying than the attention gained from fame. The more you shine, the more you crave it. You are a face. You are a personality. And people love you as if their lives depend on your every smile, your every gesture. Your addiction to the adoration is like a sickness. But sometimes your fans are sicker. Like you, sometimes your fans blur the lines between fantasy and reality, only they take the fantasy to a new level of objectification. Behind the mascara and the lipstick is a woman— a human being with real life problems— who is just waiting for the cameras to be shut off. Her name is Leah Lamont… but you can call her “Candy.”

bb1BB is the story of Leah Lamont who reinvents herself as striptease webcam sensation Candy Cummings in order to earn some extra cash to help out her girlfriend. When the praise from her heaping pile of drooling viewers begins to give her a rush, she continues to please, unaware that her biggest fan is still lurking long after the show is over.

bb2Directed by C.J. Wallis, who is best known for his work on Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009), BB stars Jennifer Mae as Leah Lamont aka Candy Cummings and Kristian Hanson as Hal Bowen aka HornyHal. Making her feature film debut, Jennifer Mae provides more on-screen proof that being a strong fierce woman is absolutely sexy. And you may never be able to scrub the unsettling performance by Kristian Hanson from your memory.

bb3What stands out about this stalker story is that both sides are told from a point of view similar to that of a reality television show where privacy is a privilege not granted to a pretty face. There is a voyeuristic aspect to BB that will entice you and maintain a chokehold on your attention. Through webcam videos, you will get to know Hal just as well as Candy as the film reveals that everyone has demons to battle and sometimes your biggest fan can become your most feared enemy.

If you like to watch… definitely watch BB.


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