Review: Summer Enjoys THE CLEANSING HOUR

Nowadays, live streaming websites have a huge variety of categories to choose from. Gaming, cooking, drawing, even eating. THE CLEANSING HOUR (Damien LeVeck) takes this concept a step further. Live streamed exorcisms.

Drew (Neil Grayston, of Eureka and Warehouse 13) and Father Lance (Sam Jaeger, of Parenthood and American Sniper) run a high profile live webcast, the titular “The Cleansing Hour”. Millions of people all over the world tune in to every episode, just waiting to see the next exorcism. However, here’s the catch- all of them are hoaxes.

cleansingThis episode it’s business as usual, until this week’s actress, Heather (Heather Morris, of Glee), actually ends up being possessed. With her life and their reputations at stake, Drew and Lance suddenly have to pull off a real exorcism, live, without blowing their cover.

Funded through a Kickstarter campaign, THE CLEANSING HOUR is a fun short that promises much more to come. It’s a great proof-of-concept with a hook for a feature. Unlike a lot of movies involving new tech, it seems plausible, and the show’s aesthetic is pretty spot on for a webcast.
I’m looking forward to seeing where Damien LeVeck and company takes this if it becomes a feature.

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