Review: DEVIL’S DOLLS (2016)

DEVIL’S DOLLS opens with a young woman tied up in abasement like area while her capture sits with these small and very creepy stick dolls. She soon manages to cut herself free and make a break for it. She doesn’t get far before she is noticed and a pursuit begins. After a bloody confrontation with a would be hero cop (great cameo by Graham Skipper), the killer is finally put down by Detective Matt (Christopher Wiehl).

ABnfrBaThis has been a bloody case and Matt is at the end of his rope (he keeps a bottle in his desk drawer). Needing some emotional cleansing, he drives to see his little girl Chloe (Kennedy Brice) and ex wife, the creepy stick dolls, still in the car as evidence. While he and his ex wife Amy (Samantha Smith) have a moment, Chole digs through the car and finds the box of dolls. Soon she is selling them at her mom’s shop. Chloe keeps one, one goes to a young couple, and one ends up in the hands of Amy’s employee and best friend Becca (Brea Grant in an all small appearance). Once these dolls end up in contact with people, blood starts to flow.

worrydolls 12DEVIL’S DOLLS (previously titled WORRY DOLLS) is a sharp feature from Padraig Reynolds (RITES OF SPRING). What sets this film apart is its willingness to go all the way. There are no safe characters and the film really makes you feel that anyone can go at any second. The idea that these dolls carry the serial killers evil feelings is a different why of having a body transference style story that pays off and leaves plenty of room for a sequel or story in the same universe.

DEVIL’S DOLLS hits this September so get ready for this one. It’s a bloody good time!

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