Jennica Gets Deja Vu From FEED THE DEVIL

When Marcus and Stella are told of a vast hidden marijuana crop, they pile into a truck along with Stella’s sister Lydia and travel deep into the woods in hopes of landing on easy money. However, once Stella goes missing in the night, getting paid becomes the least of the group’s concerns. Enlisting the help of the locals in their search for Stella, Marcus and Lydia soon find themselves face to face with an sinister force driving a Native American tribe to kill.

DevilWritten by Max Perrier and Matthew Altman, Feed the Devil stars Jared Cohn as Marcus, Ardis Barrow as Lydia, and Victoria Curtain as Stella. Although the performances by the unknown cast start out on shaky ground, they appear to progress as the story intensifies. Unfortunately, what at first seems to be just another stoner cabin-in-the-woods tale turns out to be a Cannibal Holocaust copycat. From start to finish, the film lacks originality and the element of surprise.

FeedTheDevilMoving beyond the general outline of the story, the film was a reminder of my number one issue with many horror new releases: the majority of the characters are unlikeable, leaving me without any concern over what may happen to them. There used to be at least one identifiable, sympathetic character in most horror films. We had the nurturing babysitter, the nerdy kids who knew too much, the guy protecting his girlfriend from evil. In Feed the Devil, we are offered a sample platter of self-serving money-hungry addicts without patience or understanding of another culture. As human beings, what often keeps us invested in seeing a horror film— or any film— through to the end is the development of a character that we deem deserving of a victory, someone with an ounce of good nature.

FeedAt the very best, this is a watchable choice for those who are looking for a new horror film soaked in familiarity. You like your evil tucked away in the wilderness? Feed the Devil has you covered. You want a side of exploitation with your horror? No problem. Because this film maintains such a vague sense of direction, it might be good call for those indecisive movie viewing nights.

If you are itching to feed your curiosity, Feed the Devil is currently available on VOD.

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