Bluray Review: THE LURKING FEAR (1994)

H.P. Lovecraft is difficult to translate to film. Much like Edgar Allan Poe, there are good films and bad films and films that have nothing to do with the source material. That being said, Charles Band has always been the man to bring Lovecraft to the screen and he did it well in 1994’s The Lurking Fear.

48In a small town called Leffert’s Corners, a legion of underground dwellers feed on the residents and have created a ghost town of sorts. Cathryn Farrell (Ashley Lauren) hasn’t been told this when she chooses to visit her sister, so when said sister is pulled down and killed by the creatures, there is nothing but shock, surprise…and vengeance!

lurkingfear1Enter John Martense (Blake Adams), fresh out of prison and returning to the small town to dig up a fortune his father buried…in a corpse! How hard could that be? Well first there are a group of gangsters who also know about the stash. What they don’t count on is that Cathryn is still there, along with scientist Dr. Haggis (Jeffery Coombs) trying to destroy the creatures who are living in the crypt where the money lies as well.

the lurking fear 6The Lurking Fear is directed by C. Courtney Joyner who also wrote the script based on the original short story. What’s interesting is that Jeffery Coombs is back in a Lovecraft story but in a supporting role. He and co-star Lauren steal the show in every scene leaving little for top billed Blake Adams to do. Regardless, the film works as a fun 90’s flashback and as was standard back in the day, high production value.  There is an atmosphere here that many films today do not possess.

If you are looking for something a little different that you may not have heard of, The Lurking Fear may be what you are looking for. The film is available now from

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