Blu-ray Review: AMERICAN NINJA

Anything from Cannon films is unlike anything else that has ever been made. They were super crazy and super exploitative of whatever genre they were doing. Of all the films they did, the American Ninja films were the most fun. Not only that, but they almost single-handedly fed the Ninja craze in America during the 80s.

American Ninja aJoe is a quiet loner who got in some trouble and was forced to join the military. At his new station in the Philippines, quickly gets into trouble with pretty much everyone. No one likes a loner.  But things get worse when a convoy is attacked and Joe fights back. Rebels attempt to take the cargo and Joe starts killing…everyone. In the process, he catches the eye of the General’s daughter Patricia, played by Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter’s Judie Aronson. It turns out that there is a clan of Ninjas during dirty business with an international criminal and the General’s right hand man.

American Ninja is an insanely fun ride with crazy deaths and fun action. It’s been a long time since this film has been in proper circulation but thanks to Olive Films, it is back.

AmericanNinja14As with all of Olive Films releases, AMERICAN NINJA looks better than it ever has. Crisp colors and solid sound make the film stand out. Let’s get to the extras though. You know how much fun the movie is already.

A Rumble in the Jungle: The Making of American Ninja – A fantastic behind the scenes making of featurette on AMERICAN NINJA brought to us by Olive Films. It not only gives us a look at the creation of the film but a look at Cannon Films at the time of its making. Director Sam Firstenberg tells his story along with Michael Dudikoff (Joe), Judie Aronson (Patricia), stunt coordinator Steve Lambert, and writer Paul De Mielche. This covers everything you may want to know about the film and it’s great to see these actors reflecting on it.

JoeAudio Commentary – Olive films provides an all new audio commentary, with dierctor Sam Firstenberg and producer Elijah Drenner. Topics include finding the American Ninja, shooting and so forth. They even discuss Sho Kosugi’s involvement, and the lighter approach to the violence.

If you are a fan of these films, then this a the version you want. The extras are all you could ask for and the film looks great. You can pre-order it HERE and ad it to your collection on August 223rd!.

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