Blu-ray Review: AMERICAN NINJA 2

One thing Cannon Films was good for were sequels. You could almost always count on getting more with whatever franchise you were enjoying. Case in point, AMERICAN NINJA 2: THE CONFRONTATION.

American Ninja 2dIn this sequel, Joe, the American Ninja (Michael Dudikoff) and buddy Jackson (Steve James) are on assignment to an island paradise where several marines disappeared. They soon find that drug lord Leo “The Lion” runs things and he will kill anyone that gets in his way. Worse still, The Lion has forced a scientist to create an army of Ninjas to carry out his bidding. With that information, Joe and Jackson jump into action and attempt to bring down The Lion and his Ninja army!.

american ninjaMuch like the first film, this is ninjasploitation at its best. Fun madness and crazy kills. The film works because of Dudikoff and James, who both bring love and a sense of believability to their roles.

One again brought home by Olive Films, this is a solid release which looks better and sounds better than ever. The extras on this release, also produced by Olive Films, explore this film like never before and gives fans what they want. Here is the breakdown…

americanninja2 03An American Ninja in Cape Town – Like the first film, this Olive Films featurette takes you behind the scenes of American Ninja 2: The Confrontation for a look at the making of the film. Director Sam Firstenberg, and Michael Dudikoff are back along with Gary Conway, executive producer Avi Lerner and stunt coordinator BJ Davis. They cover making the film in Cape Town and the trials of creating the sequel.

524Audio Commentary – Dierctor Sam Firstenberg and producer Elijah Drenner return for this track and talk about Chuck Norris, the success of American Ninja at the box office, shooting in South Africa, the growth of Michael Dudikoff and Steve James’ characters and more. Sam Firstenberg is an engaging Director whose love of film shines through.

Like the first one, this is a blast and delivers in a way that only Cannon did! You can pre-order it HERE and it drops on August 223rd!

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