Short Horror-Comedy, DRUNK ZOMBIES Ready For Festival Circuit!

The awesome and hilarious short DRUNK ZOMBIES, is done and will soon be coming to a festival near you. What is it? It’s goodness. We have a review coming soon. In the meanwhile, read on for the details…

LOS ANGELES, CA (AUGUST XX, 2016) – Newcomers Safety Meeting Productions has wrapped up post production on their upcoming buddy, zombie flick.

The film follows two sober friends, who are seeking refuge from the zombie apocalypse… in a bar. Will they maintain sobriety? Will we ever find out about that thirteenth step?

Starring Alex Napiwocki, who also serves as writer/director/producer of the film, and Jerry Pierce, also pulling triple duty as an associate producer and sound designer, Zombies takes on the spirit of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, with the bite of STREET TRASH. Shot beautifully by Director of Photography Christopher Sheffield, this film is a hilarious, heartfelt romp that explores the complexities of friendship, addiction, and zombies.

This marks the first official production of Safety Meeting Productions – which consists of filmmakers Alex Napiwocki and Richard Trejo – and was shot over two nights at the Old Towne PUB in Pasadena.

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