Review: HELL TOWN Fells Like Home

Everyone channel surfs and gets caught up in something half way through. It’s just a part of life. In the film HELL TOWN, you get to experience that in the strangest way, a soap opera submerged in horror.

The “episodes” presented in the film take place in the middle of the second season of a Soap Opera. There is a rivalry between two families, Manly and Gable. The kids, all in high school, they are the future of the town. All they are concerned about is sex, which is typical and funny. The main plot is simple but skewed. A couple of the guys walk around shirtless ALL the time and one of the female charactors is replaced by  an actress that looks nothing (and I mean NOTHING) like the previous one.helltown 2

With all that going on, where is the horror? The Letter Jacket Killer is stalking the football team and killing them off one by one. Who is he and why? You’ll have to watch and see who or if it’s revealed!helltown 3

This is an interesting movie. By jumping in the middle of the second season, the story is allowed to just take off without worrying about setting things up. At the same time, it allows for fun with the structure of soap operas.

 helltownThe highlight of the production is undoubtedly Debbie Rochon, who “Host” this series as well as provides background info on the missing series. So much fun. The other real stand out is Laura, played by BeckiJo Neil and later Jennifer Grace. She is the horny and desperate  sister of the popular Trish (Krysten Day). Her antics are the most fun and I would love to see that character in a straight horror film.

No matter what you’re expecting or whether you like or dislike horror comedies, this film will draw you in. HELL TOWN is worth visiting, at lest for a couple of hours.

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