THE BERZERK DEATH DEALER is an independent horror comic, written by Vishal Rajput and illustrated by Ashlee Galloway. The book is mainly in black and white, with a distinct anime and manga influence. In the first issue, we are shown the anarchic Gothic Town, a city full of crime that idolizes death and murder. It is here that we are introduced to Diablo, a stoned Satan-worshipping assassin for a demon clan, and his hellhound sidekick/motorcycle, Rockabella. He receives orders from clan leader Big Boss, telling him to destroy a gang in town. “Da’ Fetish Queenz” are a murderous, sadomasochistic group of women, hell-bent on killing all the men in Gothic City, led by Maz Latex. Their nightly bloodbath is interrupted by Diablo, and all hell breaks loose as he and Maz fight to the death.

THE BERZERK DEATH DEALER is a decent book but it’s hard to really judge it from one issue. On the other hand, if you are a fan of Tristan Risk, she is the inspiration for one of the characters. So that is a plus. Really not a  whole lot to say on this one but you could do worse. Give it a shot.

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