Bring On The FEMALE Pinhead For New HELLRAISER

If Ghostbusters and the president can be female… Why not Pinhead?
I just can’t get over what has happened to the Hellraiser franchise. We can all debate the merits of all of the sequels past part 2, but yesterday’s news at Bloody Disgusting showed us what the latest version of pinhead is going to look like. A slight step up from the last bizarre pinhead featured on Revelations.

The world of Hellraiser is such a boundless franchise, I am baffled why these films are being made and not turned into a series. So I have a proposition to the fans of Hellraiser: that we will forgive and forget the latest and last low rent sequels if you promise to give us something new and exciting inside the world of Cenobites. If we can’t have Doug Bradley, and we can’t have a reasonable budget to come close to the beauty of the original pinhead design, can we try a new direction?pinhead-auditor

I submit for your approval this mock up poster based on some amazing Hellraiser cosplay featuring Lorena Valdez photographed by Chris Gomez. Poster artwork by me.

2 responses to “Bring On The FEMALE Pinhead For New HELLRAISER

  1. Have you read my Female Cenobite origin story, Sister Cilice? Might be a great start for a new Hellraiser direction. Featured in Voices Of The Damned – the short horror story collection by Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite, Hellbound: Hellraiser II). 😈

  2. Well, Pinhead was a female in the original “Hellbound Heart” novel, so a female Pinhead isn’t that big of a leap really.

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