#Fantasia Jennica Cringes With Delight at Never Tear Us Apart

Never Tear Us Apart starts with a cabin in the woods as many iconic horror films have before. When Colin accompanies his friend James to meet his long lost grandparents, they discover that this adorable elderly couple aren’t the type to sit around sipping hot chocolate and playing dominos. These two have a taste for something more… human.

unnamed-1The film is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Sid Zanforlin who is no stranger to the Best Short award at the Fantasia Film Festival since he won in 2014 for his horror/sci-fi film Attack of the Brainsucker. Never Tear Us Apart stars Matt Keyes, Alex Weiner (who was also in Attack of the Brainsucker), Leigh Ann Taylor, and James Rae (anyone else remember Kids of the Round Table?).

unnamed-8In this horror comedy short, the kills are jolting, bloody, and will not disappoint fans of summertime slashers. Zanforlin cleverly reflects on the sometimes outlandish fears that go along with self-discovery and learning to accept your kin— your bloodline— all the while holding onto the hope that you will be accepted in return. Many who reunite with estranged relatives worry about the little things such as not knowing what to say or not sharing common interests. But it could be worse. Your family could have a hankering for human flesh.

NTUA-431x198Never Tear Us Apart has been making its rounds at film festivals around the world, most recently screening at the Fantasia Film Festival on July 19th. If you missed it at the festival, fear not. Just in time for Halloween, the film will be released as part of a new horror anthology called Minutes to Midnight on October 18th.

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