Review: Summer Enjoys A FUNHOUSE MASSACRE

New horror movies on dvd and Blu-ray – Sometimes, you want to satisfy that gory horror craving, but you also want to keep it light. Horror-comedy is great for this, and THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE (directed by Andy Palmer) is especially so. Dripping with blood, vibrant color, and fun performances, FUNHOUSE is an enjoyable film that never takes itself too seriously.

robert englund funhouseAn asylum outside of town receives a visit from an odd reporter, Ms. Quinn (Candice De Visser), who’s come to question the warden (a spectacular cameo by Robert Englund). While officially considered closed and abandoned, the facility has been home to five psychopaths, held without trial indefinitely. Their gruesome crimes are described in lurid detail, while the warden introduces them to Ms. Quinn. We meet Animal the Cannibal (E.E. Bell), The Taxidermist (Clint Howard), Rocco The Clown (Mars Cain), Dr. Suave (Sebastian Siegel), and the Jim Jones meets Marshall Herff Applewhite-esque cult leader, Mental Manny (Jere Burns). Ms. Quinn’s interview takes a bloody turn, as she slaughters the warden and the security guards, freeing the inmates. She reveals herself to be the daughter of Mental Manny, and the group heads for Macon County Funhouse.

funhouse classroomLater that night, a group of college kids finish up their shifts at a local diner, but not before spitting in a cranky old guy’s food. Dressed in their Halloween best, they too, head for the Funhouse. After a short time, they begin to realize that something is very wrong, as the serial killers have infiltrated the haunt and are really murdering the patrons. Calls to 911 for help are quickly dismissed by bumbling-yet-well-meaning police-deputy Doyle (Ben Begley), after one too many Halloween prank calls. Once he and Sheriff Kate (Scottie Thompson) realize what’s happening, they race to the bloody scene. It’s up to them and final girl/guy duo Laurie (Renee Dorian) and Morgan (Matt Angel) to save the day, along with Geraldo (Erick Chavarria), who had wisely decided against the haunted house nonsense to begin with.

funhouse final guysRobert Kurtzman delivers on the practical gore effects, with each scene absolutely drenched in blood. I personally enjoyed Chasty Ballesteros as Christina, who kicks major ass and doesn’t back down when cornered by a killer. Mars Cain also was great as Rocco, despite having no lines and acting purely on physicality.

THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE is an all-around fun, bloody, campy romp, and I highly recommend you check it out if horror-comedy is your thing.

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