DVD Review: Daniella Gets Creeped By 2 JENNIFER

New Horror On DVD – 2 JENNIFER  NOTE: Miranda previously reviewed 2 Jennifer pre distribution HERE. Daniella’s take is for the upcoming DVD release on August 19th.

Oh, my goodness gracious, this is what you get when the creepy guy in your high school becomes motivated enough to carry out his crazy fantasies. 2 JENNIFER, directed by HUNTER JOHNSON, will make any woman very uncomfortable. Actresses in particular may want to carry a weapon on them at all times and question the authenticity of their next casting call.2

2 JENNIFER wastes no time in laying the eeriness on thickly from the start. We follow Spencer (HUNTER JOHNSON) on his obsessive quest to create the sequel to a film called, “To Jennifer.” It’s immediately obvious that Spencer has an unhealthy infatuation with this character and is seeking to find his own Jennifer. To love her? Kill her? Rub tuna fish all over her tits? It’s unclear, but we all know why we’re watching: because this won’t end well.

The film opens with what looks like people on YouTube reviewing “To Jennifer,” some of which you might recognize!

*cough* Sinful *cough* AceJenna *cough* Miranda *cough*

Spencer gets one of his old friends, Mack (DAVID COUPE) that conveniently resides in LA, in on the plan. Mack and his roommates, Charlie (CHARLES CHUDABALA) and Dennis (MATT HOLBROOK) are lovable, easy-going people. Charlie was even kind enough to show us his yoga skills and the importance of opening your anus. Charming!


Things take a weirder turn when Spencer insists that their leading actress actually be named Jennifer. Mack assumes Spencer is being a diva and goes along with it. After some tears, and an explosive reaction from the “F***ING VALTREX HERPES GIRL,” they settle on their sweet, pixie-like Jennifer (LAURA JEAN MUMMERT). As expected after finding the right girl, Spencer begins to let his obsession and ulterior motives shine brightly and begins a rampage across LA.

Now, without saying any more, one of the most striking things about this film is the way it’s shot: it’s an iPhone film. Don’t be too quick to judge, though! The decision to film this on an iPhone goes beyond using it as a novelty and creates an uncomfortable intimacy with these characters. It takes a lot of talent to actually pull of an iPhone film without having it come across as amateur, so hats off to HUNTER JOHNSON for having the cojones to make this happen. 2 JENNIFER seems like something that could be found on the deep internet, along with everything else no one in their right mind would ever want to be exposed to.

2-jennifer-promo-5The research that went into this piece must have been tremendous. 2 JENNIFER will definitely hit closer to home if you’re a woman, as this scenario has real-life potential, and that’s what makes it so scary. That creepy guy that manages to sneak his way into your train car to stare at you on your commute? The man who is just a -little- too pushy about getting your number? The stranger who keeps sending you messages on your social media accounts? Spencer is THAT GUY, from his posture down to his nervous tilt.

If you have the opportunity to watch it, do not miss it! If you can’t catch it on the big screen, no worries, watching this “candid” piece on your laptop will likely enhance the experience. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going away for the weekend and have to pack a separate bag for any and all firearms and medieval weaponry I can find. Maybe a potato slicer for good measure. You know… Just in case.

2 Jennifer will be available August 19th.

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