DOLLY DEADLY Delivers A Trailer Of Retro Goodness

Hey sinners. Now you know we love retro goodies here at Sinful Celluloid so when something like DOLLY DEADLY comes across our desks, we are all over it. Combine that with a title like this and of course I couldn’t resist (know what I mean?) Check out the trailer for this new up and coming indie and let me know what you think!

“A young parentless boy named Benji, who was born on a Chevron restroom floor, is forced to live with fly-swattin’, too drunk to function grandparents, who reek of repugnant scabie repellant and have a collection of cereal bowls that say “Cool Whip” on the side. Benji, however, has a keen collection of dolls that keep him company; he freely dances and shuffles about with them as his audience.

DOLLY DEADLYAbused by his booze-addled goat ropin’ grandparents and bullied by the local shit-heeled trailer park hooligan, a malnourished Benji goes bonkers, slaying all subhumanoid slime in what one film critic called “a vile vortex of cinematic sewage, grindhouse to the core, sucking you into this wretched world of trailer park dystopia, so leave your kids and morals at the door and bring your barf bags.”

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