Review: ROAD GAMES (2016)

There comes a time when we find our self at a cross road. A fork in the road and we ask ourselves which way shall I take? Which road is easier? How am I even gonna get there? For some it’s easier to travel and for others it’s all just a sick game. Enjoy the fright for tonight ROAD GAMES.

road-games-photo-1-620x377Our main man Jack is walking his way across  France to return to the UK when he comes across a car swerving erratically in the road. As it pulls over, Jack witnesses what appears to be an incident between the driver and his passenger, the lovely Véronique. Jack jumps to save the girl, Jack makes himself  a new friend. As the two get to know each other it looks like the feels begin to show, they meet Grizard. Offering the pair a lift, Grizard stresses warnings of a serial killer who is apparently stalking these roads, and reveals that the port at Calais is currently closed due to protests and strikes. For safe measures they stick together . All sounds good, until Jack begins to get weirded out by the strange behavior and cryptic messages.

s-110This movie was pretty cool. With a thrilling story and amazing setting things take a bad turn when things look good but already bad. Being set in a land where you don’t speak the native tongue must be scary enough. Imagine yelling for help and not knowing how to say it or the locals don’t know what you are saying. Not knowing what signs say, i found the irony when someone hitchhikes when a sign says no hitchhiking. It’s the little things.

Road-Games-4-750x400A fair amount of violence, the domestic is where it could really but you hard but nothing too crazy or hasn’t been done already. There is a good amount of suspense but nothing really scary, more drama than anything. However a serial killer can be thrilling and scary. Simple blood and gore it won’t give you nightmares but it will make you rethink going to France or anywhere country side.

_S8A9710RTdcrop_1432739381953_310f578a900If you have a hour and half to kill go ahead and take a gander at this flick. It’s nothing crazy but a good drama in my opinion, still a good price of art. Grab a beer and a pizza kinda night, let’s make it a Thursday night flick. Get ya pumped FOR THE WEEKEND!!! Now if you just travel, take the reasonable route and not something that seems easier or nicer. And don’t ever play any road games.