Blu-ray Review: Black Sails Season 2

Though there was plenty of sex and drinking in season one of STARZ BLACK SAILS, season two brought the blood and high seas piracy to the show. While season one set up the relationships and plot, season two explores the bloody world in all its glory! Available now from Anchor Bay, BLACK SAILS season 2 is a solid set that needs to be in your collection.

Second season opens with The Walrus beached along with the Urca De Lima treasure. Flint is no longer Captain and is to be tried for the murder of Mr. Gates. John Silver is on the chopping block as well since no one really likes him. In Nassau, the partnership and Eleanor’s business unravel as not enough profit is coming in and there is a new player in town, Ned Lowe. A total psychotic who has his sites set on Eleanor and not simply for pleasure. The various plots for season two explode in the season finale with surprises you won’t see coming! A fantastic season that is now yours to own.

As with all Anchor Bay releases, the picture is top-notch and blows up nicely to 4K if you happen to have the equipment. Coded in Mpeg-4 AVC. The audio which is 7.1 Dolby True is crisp which makes the ocean rumble and the pistol blasts thunder.

The set also comes with a digital copy to watch on VUDU or your Ultraviolet player of choice.

As for the special features, each episode is followed by STARZ Inside Look, which talks about each episodes turns. Very informative and a nice way to review what you just saw as well as what you may have missed.

In addition, there are five featurettes that take a deeper look at the world:

  • Inside The World of Black Sails – Watch all the Inside Look segments all at once. It is a nice option and makes for an entertaining full featurette.
  • The Man O’ War – Covers the great ship and how it was brought to the screen. The CGI aspects are also explored and are breathtaking.
  • Expanding Worlds – Is a solid featurette that looks at how the story is affected by bringing London and Charleston to life.
  • High Seas Action – Looks at the fights and action that we see on the show. What the actors go through is intense.
  • History’s Influence – Serves to educate viewers on the world that existed in history and how the fictional elements fit into it to tell this story.

Black Sails Season 2 is available now from STARZ and Anchor Bay. Pick it up!

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