Interview: Kenny Wormald Talks THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS

Hey sinners! I am very excited to say this week I had the awesome opportunity to interview Kenny Wormald (Footloose, Kid Cannabis). I’ve had my eye on this guy for a few years now and he has finally stepped into the horror world with Nick Simon’s The Girl in the Photographs. Not only did I get to meet this positive charismatic rising star at the TIFF World Premiere of his new movie, I also got to pick his brain about it, Wes Craven, his interests in horror and what he is working on next. It was a fun interview and he had a lot of interesting things to say.

CMop4-5VAAAsNoUMiranda- How did you get involved with the Girl in the Photographs?

Kenny-I got an audition for it a while ago, and I just went and read for Nick. He was happy with the reading, he was like ‘you’re very charming” and I was like oh, alright Nick are you hitting on me or? Then we kept going with the process of the film and we were trying to find the lead, Kal’s role. A few names came up, and I wasn’t a big fan of where some of these names were going. I also wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do the film or not, there were a lot of things involved. Then Kal got it and I thought he was perfect for it. The role has a lot of humor in it, but I felt like it could be on the line of being done wrong but with someone like Kal who can pull off how dramatic the character is, and has good comedic timing, he could really sell this role. So as soon as he was on board that’s when I agreed to do the film, and also especially Wes Craven was on board, so between Wes Craven being there and Kal…my role really depended on Kal’s role…so when those two things happened, that’s when I made the call right away I was like ‘I want to do it, I’m in” And then all these other things kept falling into place, how cool Nick was, how cool the rest of the cast was, we had a blast shooting this film in Victoria! We had too much fun actually. Cinematographer Dean Cundey, legend is a small word for him…so all these things just kind of fell into place. It was really cool, one of my favorite experiences shooting for sure. I’m still friends with the cast, we all still hang out. Me, Miranda, Luke we are all genuinely good friends which is rare. We had good chemistry because we all liked each other.

gdMiranda- Did you have a chance to meet Wes Craven?

Kenny- Ya! At the table reading, that was the only time I met him and ya know, there was a bunch of us in the room. He showed his belief and trust in Nick and his project…I mean, to have him cosign on anything…he gave me trust in the project and gave me confidence that this film was going to be something special and not just another random horror film and it was. I’m not the biggest horror fan, I don’t like being scared as entertainment but with this film you’re laughing, you’re scared, there’s thrills, there’s nudity, there’s some blood, there’s  literally everything. If I was in high school going on a date, this would be one of my favorite films because its fun and you get a little bit of everything like I said. Your date’s gunna get scared and hold your hand so that’s always a good thing, and you’ll get a little high school date night movie action.

ghhMiranda- Your character had many awkward moments, and even though the movie was scary, I found myself giggling a lot…was Chris a fun character to play?

Kenny- Ya absolutely! It was a lot of fun to play Chris! He struggled with women, and I don’t share that quality necessarily, so I had to dig deep to find that fear of messing up around a girl, no I’m just kidding…I do occasionally stumble with the ladies. haha but yah, I really liked it, like I said once I knew Kal was in, I knew that I clicked and the film clicked and would make sense and I was getting to act opposite of him which is a blast. The moments where I get awkward with Claudia’s character was just funny, we would cut after a scene and I would be choking on my words. It was fun to play a little shy.

Miranda- If you could choose your character’s fate what would it be?

Kenny- Just being a fan of the film and a fan of the death scenes, I would definitely choose to die. What was cool during the midnight screening at the world premiere, the whole audience was cheering like it was a football game anytime anyone would die. That was a new experience for me even just watching a film.

rgMiranda- You’re a professional dancer, I know you are quick on your feet…do you think you could stand a good chance escaping a slasher in real life?

Kenny-Yes! I think I could outrun Cory, I mean he’s lost a lot of weight which I’m happy for but in the condition he was in during the shooting of the film, I could outrun him twice. I would do anything to get away from a slasher, I would jump out of a window, you know balls out! If you’re gunna get chased by a slasher you’re gunna do whatever you can!

Miranda- I believe this is your first horror film and you obviously enjoyed yourself, can you see yourself doing more?

Kenny- Yah! I mean, I think if it’s the right project, the right script, the right character, I’d definitely be into doing more.

I’m not going to lie…being the Celluloid Sinner that I am, I was a little disappointed when he said he wasn’t the biggest horror fan but his enthusiasm definitely made up for it!!! This one’s just for the ladies…he also shared a story with me about how he stripped down into nothing but his underwear and socks on set and ran around just to make everyone laugh.  Obviously he’s a giver girls! Watch out for The Girl in the Photographs next year, it’s worth the watch for so many reasons. Thanks Kenny!!

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