Blu-ray Review: ARMY OF DARKNESS

Foretold by a mystical book. Forewarned by a wiseman. Fulfilled by a wise guy.

11 more days till Halloween. If you’re not excited I don’t want to be your friend. #sorrynotsorry. Today I bring you one of my absolute favorites, the third of the Evil Dead installments, titled Army of Darkness. Directed by Sam Raimi, and starring the witty and handsome Bruce Campbell who returns as Ash, wielding a chainsaw and a shotgun, ready to kick some ass. After being catapulted to a medieval castle in the 14th century, Ash is established as the savior who will win the battle against the ‘army of darkness’ plaguing the village.

Ash-Vs-Evil-DeadThe movie begins with a brief flashback to their past visits to that fateful cabin where they found the necronomicon…. “The book awoke something… dark in the woods”. This dark power pulls Ash through a wormhole in time, dropping him unceremoniously in the mountains and hills, surrounded by men in armor and chain mail.  Assumed to be in cahoots with the enemy (whoever that is) Ash is rounded up with other prisoners of war and dragged into the castle to be throwin into ‘the pit’ along with the other of Henry The Red’s men. The pit is opened, to display an impressively disgusting fountain of blood. Sufficiently scared shitless, Ash proclaims “You’ve gotta understand man. I never even SAW these assholes before… I’m telling you, you’ve got the wrong guy”. Ash plummets into the pit which suspiciously resembles Jabba the Hutt’s pit, but with very different monsters inside.  After escaping with the assistance of a long bearded Gandalf-esque man, Ash emerges triumphant.  Hailed as a hero, he is quickly convinced his only way home is to seek the necronomicon, which will defeat the army of darkness and send him back to when he came from.  But unfortunately, his pronunciation of some magical words isn’t quite right…. Leading to a full on battle between Ash and dun dun dunnnnn… The Army of Darkness.

960_army_of_darkness_blu-ray_3x_t614There’s love. Theres an army of living dead. Theres blood and guts. Plenty. Oh, and a chainsaw in the place of a hand.  If you’re a fan of Evil Dead (which you should be), and a fan of Bruce Campbell (which you should be), you’re gonna love it.  The acting is spot on, the special effects while occasionally goofy, are absolutely perfect.  Thank you, MR. & Mr. Raimi for yet another brilliant film. Rated R for violence, you’ll get some of that too, but personally I’d call this a family friendly film for sure.

army_of_darkness_blu-ray_8xAnd the soundtrack? Well, anything that includes Danny Elfman counts as some sweet sweet tunes in my book (he composed the theme). Soundtrack gets all thumbs up. So one, because my other hand is holding a glass of wine. But if I weren’t holding my drink, it would be two thumbs WAY UP.

Best quotes:

“Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants. Well, I’ve got news for you pal, you ain’t leading but two things right now: Jack and shit. And Jack left town.”

“Yo, she-bitch! Let’s go”

“Hail to the king, baby.”

“Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun”

“Name’s Ash. Housewares.”

“See this, THIS IS MY BOOM STICK. You can find this in the sporting goods department… that’s right. Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart.”

“First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me. Blow”

“Gimme some sugar baby”

“Buckle up bonehead. Cause you’re going for a ride”

‘Spinach chin”

“I may be bad, but I feel… good.”

“Keep your damn filthy bones outta my mouth”

Army-of-Darkness-1SPECIAL FEATURES (and they are pretty special)

Is it possible to make a complete ARMY OF DARKNESS? I figured SCREAM FACTORY would be up for the challenge and they were!

FOUR (yes 4) versions of the film are included. The Theatrical, the director’s cut, the international (for those a broad) and the TV version (for those who won’t let go of their childhood!) All looking the best they ever have.

Original Ending
Original Opening and Deleted Scenes With Optional Commentary by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell along with your typical TV spots and trailers.
Vintage Creating The Deadites Featurette, Vintage “Making Of” Featurette, Extended Interview Clips with Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert!

Vintage The Men Behind The Army Featurette (19 min.)

New special features also include Still Galleries With Rare Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Production Designer Anthony Tremblay, Visual Effects Supervisor William Mesa And Special Make-Up Effects Artists Tony Gardner And KNB EFX, Inc. This could tale you all day to go through!
Still Gallery Of Props And Rare Photos From The Collection Of Super Fan Dennis Carter Jr.
NEW Storyboards For Deleted Or Alternate Scenes

Additional Behind-The-Scenes Footage From KNB Effects (These guys make you wish you had as much fun!)

Sure all this is fun, but it’s really foreplay because the main event is Medieval Times: The Making Of “Army Of Darkness”! An exhaustive feature length new doc that interviews almost everyone having anything to do with the film including Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Bill Moseley, Patricia Tallman, Angela Featherstone and Anthony Tremblay just to name a few.

Is this the only edition of the 50 editions out there that you need? ABSOLUTELY! Go buy it now! (I’m done talking).

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