Review: Queen Crab (2015)

I like sea food, I LOVE crab, shoot every time I go to Red Lobster that’s all  I get. Hearing that there is a 12 foot crab, now that’s a good dinner right there! Let me introduce you to the QUEEN CRAB.

In the country a young girl Melissa Webber stumbles on a baby crab who she befriends. She feeds the crab a fruit that her father is working on, her very “busy” father a scientist trying to help find a way to make things grow so he can multiply the amount of food we will have in the future. An accident leaves the house in ruin and the girl an orphan but luckily her uncle the sheriff adopts her and she keeps the crab as her best friend. The two were best of friends and this lasts until she is early twenties.

            The-Sheriff-and-his-Deputy-track-down-a-killer-crabOne day a farmer finds his cattle slaughtered and his barn with a giant hole in it. The local sheriff department is called out and they begin to investigate. They find tracks leading to Melissa’s land, she fends off the sheriffs and they take their case elsewhere.  Melissa is visited by an old friend from high school Jen who begins to talk about the old days and begin to bond all over again. While her relationship with her uncle has almost gone away. An agent from the state wildlife commission begins to snoop around where they should not and find the crab has become a giant! And now they must find a way to destroy this giant crab.

QE-I love giant monster movies! They are just fun, and that’s what this movie was, just a fun time. It looked like a small shoot with only a few locations which were beautiful, wonderful lake shots and cool bar which seemed to be the local hangout. The plot is nice with the young Melissa finding the crab and it grows just as she grows, but he gets just a bit bigger. Without giving too much away she is RELLY good friends with him, like ride or die kind of thing. Which I thought was neat because sometimes you just get those bonds and would never separate like a boy and his pup. Except here it’s a girl and her giant crab, oh love.

Sally-gets-it001Monster violence is expected and it’s delivered. But there is something different here, while I was watching the crab I noticed the CGI looked different then I realized it was not CGI but a Claymation type style! Now this is where my art appreciation kicked through the roof. I don’t see it often, it is not the most glorious style in the world but in an age where it’s all CGI and terrible animation it was nice to see a style that is not used too often to bring a creature to life. Think clash of the titans, you’ll dig it. A good bit of the beginning is clean but when the blood comes it’s a good time! The “interesting” characters are a tad out there which I found nice because they are very dramatic in how they go about their days. Nice change from normal dead eyed background characters but you get a feel for this community.

queencrabIf you enjoy a good laugh and a giant monster flick with a happy ending this is certainly up your avenue. With a tad old school way to shoot a new movie and a fun plot QUEEN CRAB will sure to leave you with a smile, grab a soda and you know what get some sea food, or CRAB! Eat up!

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