Review: Miranda Looks Over Her Shoulder At 2 JENNIFER

You can only know a person as deep as they choose to reveal their own inner layers. Some people hold deep secrets, where others wear there hearts on their sleeves. 2 Jennifer written by James Cullen Bressack and Hunter Johnson who also directs and stars in the film, is the perfect example of how somebody you think you know can be full of dark and twisted thoughts with plans of harming you…and you could have no idea these thoughts are even being conjured.

2 jennifer 1In an attempt to make a polished sequel to the film To Jennifer, Spencer and his old high school friend Mack, go on a mission to find the perfect girl to play ‘Jennifer’. Spencer has an odd request that the actresses real name needs to be Jennifer as well. Throughout stressful casting call after casting call…Spencer finally finds the perfect Jennifer with ‘feminine features’ that he feels he can connect to. After giving her the part, Spencer starts to get strange. Mack soon becomes suspicious of his old friend and is coming to realization that his buddy may not be the person he used to be. As many mistrusts and really weird circumstances unfold, the viewer quickly learns that Spencer has different plans for Jennifer and himself other than just the sequel. Jennifer isn’t left with many options as Spencer’s evil plan starts to unravel.

2 jennifer 3James Cullen Bressack makes an awesome and hilarious cameo as himself in this one! It took me by surprise and I definitely had a good chuckle, it was very entertaining. Here’s another fun little tidbit for you all! I make my movie debut in this film! You can find myself, Ace Jenna and Christopher from Sinful Celluloid included in a mash up of online reviewers throughout the intro of the film. We reviewed To Jennifer wondering if we would ever see a sequel? Well, it’s finally here and it’s one the most sick and disturbing films I’ve seen in a long time. Watching 2 Jennifer may have you looking a little deeper into some of your friends odd comments, or social media posts.

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