Bruce Campbell Answers Important ASH VS EVIL DEAD Questions (sort of)

After over 20 years, Ash, the bringer of great horror movie quotes, is back in full force in ASH VS EVIL DEAD, from STARZ! Tonight is the premiere episode that will launch the series and it being Halloween, what better day than this?

Bruce Campbell, the man we all would follow into the woods of Michigan horror movie quotes, took time to answer a couple of questions for us as only he can, in anticipation of tonight’s show. We know you have read a lot of interviews so we thought we’d get to the questions you really want answers to. And we get answer…(sort of) So buckle up and get ready to get groovy…

(Sinful Celluloid):        Okay. Hi, Bruce. Good morning.

(Bruce Campbell): Good morning, sir. How are you?

(Sinful Celluloid):         I’m well. How are you doing?

(Bruce Campbell): Good.

(Sinful Celluloid):     I was wondering now you said in the past that the video games that had come out for Play Station were Evil Dead sequels and we should look at them that way. Will any of those story lines be referenced or did you use them for any personal reference inside your head?

(Bruce Campbell): I’m glad I’m not running for office because guys like you would dig up crap I said randomly 16 years ago. So that’s why I’m not a politician. Because to you I could say that was bologna I made up at the time. Okay. I lied. You got? I lied. So now we move onto the truth. And the truth is I’m glad we had something to finally show fans where I’m not put on the spot all the time to try to make crap up. You know I’m attracted to bombs. We got to clarify that. The bombs. The last three bombed, they were the most expensive. They were too expensive. They didn’t make any money. So people began to think we were lazy or we didn’t want to go back to it. I got news for you, pal, there’s no money in the bank for it. You’re not making anything if there’s no money. So it’s just the raw truth of it. Thankfully, the fans have stepped up through all the DVD reissues. There were 86 versions of Army of Darkness after that. It became an American movie classic, you know, on AMC. And so fans drove it. And they drove it at these personal appearances by tour since ’88. They haven’t let it go. So they finally got it. So regardless of what I said, when I said or how I said it, we’re here. And it’s a good day.

One other question…

(Sinful Celluloid):        Okay. I was also wondering as the show starts off, you’re in a trailer just as you were in My Name is Ruth. So what’s the deal with the trailer?

(Bruce Campbell): Well, that’s your own parallel. One is a movie and one is just Ash. But trailers are typifying at least in people’s minds low budget situations. And that was the goal there. So I wouldn’t draw too much into it.

We were only able to get a couple of questions in so I’m glad we made them count. For more answers, watch ASH VS EVIL DEAD tonight on STARZ!!!!