Has anyone ever wanted a mad max type to fight zombies? WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD brings this dream to life! It’s a literal zombie apocalypse with a mad Max vibe!

image6 (1)We set the film present day in the land down under. A group of survivors are playing out a plan to grab a truck and defend themselves from zombies. A group topic ends with flashback that leads to current time of the movie. Barry our main hero has the dream life, wife, daughter. But it all ends when zombies attack, Barry must end his family’s misery and save his sister.

image3 (1)His sister, Brooke who finds herself right in the middle of the attack when her friends in the shop turn and leave her fighting for survival in ceiling. When a group of military members come to save the day, their intentions lead to not so very nice. She is captured and taken to a lab and tested on by a evil scientist who loves old disco music while he operates. The two siblings must survive their own journey to stay alive and make it to each other.

image4 (1)This movie is fantastic! It’s got zombies comedy blood and a girl who kicks some major tail. The plot is thick and rad. But it is a fantasy flick so there’s times where you don’t have to take it to seriously, just have some serious fun. I found times where I laughed at just sheer moments like confusion amongst the survivors and the action and how fun it is was.

image2 (1)There’s PLENTY of action and blood to go with it! It is a zombie movie so we got blood guts and nail pulling moments but also some good gun shots to have brains splattering! It’s not TOO TOO gory ,it’s got a good level to maybe show the whole family. There’s some great moments of the survivors just sitting and talking and sharing stories. These characters feel like you already knew them and feel a bit sad if they meet their demise.

In the end this movie is a fun zombie lovers dream! Great action blood and guts and a bit of laughs to keep everything together. It could be watched on any day with anyone! Or a solo flick but in my opinion it’s a great group movie. So get some mates and some grub and enjoy WYRMWOOD: ROAD OF THE DEAD!

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