Hey Sinners!!! Miranda here aka Dolly Hearts back for another Scream the TV Series recap. We are 5 episodes in and this week things got pretty cray cray (that slang probably isn’t cool anymore) Shit got very real, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Let me explain…I am enjoying all the drama BUT I sometimes felt like I was watching an episode of 90210 rather than an episode of Scream. Sure the movies have their share of drama, but not like this…this week we saw a lot of backstabbing and conniving and I kinda hope some more people get killed off.

scream-recapThe episode starts with Emma dealing with the repercussions of the sex video that Noah accidentally leaked while hacking into it in the previous episode. Will explains he did not record them, and that Jake didn’t do it either or he would kick his ass. The killer (who going a few episodes back, I could no longer refer to as Ghostface anymore. It just isn’t ghostface. At all.) is still watching and messing with Emma, asking how she likes being the star of the show and implying she’s just like her mother.

maxresdefault (3)Emma is realizing the killer is putting her own humiliation in her hands. She keeps trying to solve the mystery but instead keeps makingthings worse for herself. She believes the video leak was planned and her being lead to the hospital was all a set up (duh). She says she’s done and is going to let the cops deal with it. Kieran (the new hot guy who has been eyeing Emma up all season) tells her she does not have to be afraid (ok, tough guy?)960

Throughout the season so far, we see that Jake and Brooke have a bond…this week we see deeper into their relationship. We learn they were childhood friends who grew up together (so they also are tight with each others families.) They are chatting privately and Brooke keeps insisting they need to tell Emma the truth about freshman year. Jake explains Will is at a breaking point and that she cannot do that to him, she goes on to say that’s his problem. Brooke confesses to Emma that in freshman year, Nina bet Will he couldn’t sleep with Emma within a month of dating. Emma realizes the first time she ever spoke to Will was immediately after he was dared, and that was the reason for them dating in the first place. Brooke admits she should have told her, but as they became close friends it got harder and harder to confess. Emma basically implies after losing Riley and Nina, losing another friend wouldn’t be worth it.

Scream-season-1-episode-5Noah is doing what he does best. He tells Audrey to download the language arts homework and bam! Audrey’s face is on his laptop. He figured out that someone has found access through the root directory to people’s phone cameras, webcams and security systems. It is all accessed through the language arts homework program, they put two and two together and immediately suspect Mr. Branson, the language arts teacher of course. Noah is hoping he is just Nina’s innocent pawn in a greater scheme of things, but obviously a little more investigating is required. Later in the episode, they both sneak into Mr. Branson’s classroom and creep his computer to find two other people had logged in to the computer as well, Tyler and Riley. What if Mr. Branson killed Nina, Tyler and Riley in order to keep his secrets?

mgid-uma-content-mtvThere’s one storyline I haven’t touched much on yet, because I have been waiting for it to build up a little bit. In my previous recap, I mention that Jake and Will discuss blackmailing  someone with one of Nina’s videos. Brooke’s dad is Mayor Quinn Maddox, and he has been receiving threatening texts demanding money by a certain time or else. Mayor Quinn arrives at the meeting place and enters what looks like an abandoned garage. He is being bribed by a masked man who will reveal a video the Mayor does not want released,  if he doesn’t cough up $100,000. He only brings $10,000 and says he will not pay the full amount without a guarantee the video will disappear forever. He requests two more days to get the money, and the masked man gives him 1 day. The Mayor leaves, and we find out the masked man is Jake, and Will is hiding amongst the garage. Will is pissed because Jake broke the Mayor’s nose off the steering wheel, and also he only got $10,000. Will does not want to participate anymore because no one was supposed to get hurt. The tension is forever boilingbetween these two, Jake is livid because he took all the risks.scream-episode-5-emma-piper

Emma and Piper (journalist) have a little chat. Piper confesses the reasons she got into journalism in the first place, and it seems her and Emma have something in common. Piper’s fathered was murdered and the case was never solved…she’s been asking questions ever since. According to Piper they both have dark daddy issues.

Will confronts Brooke about spilling the beans to Emma about the bet. Jake protects Brooke and Will and Jake finnnallly get in a fist fight. Jake’s lovin it and smiles at Brooke after it all goes down…he’s a little evil.

image14Brooke’s mom has been on ‘vacation’ for awhile now, the Mayor is always making excuses for where his wife is. Brooke tries to track her mom down but she’s not where she’s supposed to be. Her dad tells her that her mom is actually in rehab and he didn’t tell her the truth because she’s not allowed to speak with anybody for 60 days while she’s there. Do you see maybe where I am going with this…? Jake pops over to Brooke’s place for a visit. He explains that her family is his family and that’s why he is there because he has something he needs to get off his chest. He proceeds to tell her he doesn’t know why but Nina and Tyler had a video of her dad doing something he shouldn’t be doing. He lies and says he has not seen the video, but knows they were blackmailing her dad with it. That Will has had a copy the whole time and after they died, he decided to continue with the blackmailing. The whole time Jake is pinning everything on Will, the Mayor is watching and listening through his security system, and now is out for Will. Brooke takes Jake to her bedroom where there are no security cameras and insists on seeing the video of her dad. The video that Jake has been threatening the Mayor with is actually a video taken from his own security cameras…a video of him dragging a dead body from the trunk of his car into the house. The whole timeBrooke is watching and realizing what is happening…Jake is watching her with this evil smirk on his face.

MTVs-Scream-Episode-ExposedKieran takes Emma out into the bush to do some target shooting with his fathers gun (the Sheriff). Emma isn’t feeling it…I guess this is supposed to show how gentle natured she is…which I’m sure we will see later things will probably change when it comes time to actually defending herself. Instead of shooting some rounds, they decide to get it on right there in the woods. I guess it’s the woods, which you would think probably nobody is around…but I couldn’t help but yell at the tv (like I always do). Helllooo Emma!!! A sex tape was just released of you..and this killer is taping your every move. This is not very intelligent. Teenagers and those raging hormones  I tell ya! As much as Kieran wants to protect her…he’s still a typical teenage boy who only wants one thing.Scream-0504-e1438194989267

This episode really made things juicey. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Mayor and what he’s going to do with Will. Jake is evil and very untrustworthy…karma bitch! I believe it’s coming for him! Although nobody was murdered this episode, I’m still not over Riley’s death…and the Mayor dragging in that dead body was definitely exciting. I am so into this show! I hope you guys are liking it too…. I know whoever the killer is knows everybody’s dirty little secrets and it’s only a matter of time before shit hits the fan.