Review: Closer To God (2015)

Many movies make you think and that’s all they seem to do. They make you actually think instead of sitting back and enjoy a horror flick. But CLOSER TO GOD is a movie where it takes you by the skull into a heavy fog of confusion and terror of the unknown but slowly gives you the answers. Director Billy senese brings us CLOSER TO GOD, a movie that has a dark tone and a creepy plot.

Jeremy Childs, stars as Dr. Victor Reed a genetic scientist, let us call him a modern Dr. Frankenstein. Has discovered the ability to clone a human. But his work soon brings terror to everyone he knows. The child named Mary has been operate on and been used like an object more than a living breathing thing, and you can blame victor for this, he is so obsessed with the outcome of this experiment that he has kept a secret that is now out to the public, and they are not happy.

Closer To God takes place at his house for the most part and switches to the hospital lab from present and through flash backs to help us understand the past trying to create Mary. Mary is not the first creation but she was the one showing the most improvement. Through the movie the aggression of the people who disagree with what Victor is doing grows to the point of a mob on the outside of the gate and chant their disbelief that what he is doing is wrong and against God. But could you imagine what cloning could do? Theoretically it could help stem cell research and maybe cure some diseases.

 But like many horror flicks, and real life when you try to play god IT NEVER WORKS! and the movie gives us a look at that and I give it props for doing such, there are a few scenes where I said “wow that happened”. For the first half of the movie it is simple discussions and shows us the building of tensions. Near the end the terror strikes with a surprise that left me puzzled after everything had gone down, it was a slow build up but I think if you sit back and watch this play out you will be rewarded.

Overall if you are looking for a thriller that takes you on a ride without a hug waiting for you at the end, CLOSER TO GOD will be for you. It’s gritty and haunting tone of a movie that has a nice plot that makes you think a little about the research some scientist really go though. And the acting here is real, you can see the terror in the eyes of those who witness to the real terror being locked away.