Trailer for Clawing! A Journey Through The Spanish Horror

Spanish horror is finally getting some love. It has taken a few decades of awesome films but it seems that American horror fans will finally get a chance to be exposed to some of these great atmospheric movies. Sure, they are around for fans, but the casual horror fan who may not know of these films or what they are about, haven’t had the chance to really explore them in an informative doc. When it comes to foreign horror, it’s pretty much Hammer or nothing. All that has changed with the upcoming release of CLAWING! by Victor Matellano. As you can see in the trailer, are a lot of people influenced by the the genre. Have a look…
The documentary covers horror from the 1960’s through the 1980’s and speaks with
Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling), Caroline Munro (Maniac, Dr. Phibes) and Colin Arthur (2001, Alien), Joseph Larraz (Vampyres), Jorge Grau (The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue) and Eugenio Martin (Horror Express). What’s great is that they are covering some films that are rarely talked about like A Candle For The Devil. Great stuff.

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