Sinful Review: Voodoo Possession (2014)

Voodoo Possession opens up well by enforcing the title right off. A woman is in the basement being tormented by an unseen force. It visually torments her before forcing her to take her own life in a gruesome suicide act. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her young son, Aiden, finds her body.

Flash forward to several years later, Aiden (Ryan Caltagirone) is a troubled man with a medicinal dependency and a lot of balled up anger. His girlfriend Bree (Kerry Knuppe) and he have a rocky relationship at best. Things change up when Aiden’s younger brother Cody disappears. Bree, a tabloid reporter, wants to find him and she wants Aiden’s help. After dealing with some nightmarish visions, he decides he’s in. They are off to Haiti. Once there, they are thrust into a world they don’t understand. Based at a mental facility, there are plenty of broken souls roaming. Once they start messing with the voodoo inherent within, they begin to unlock doors to true evil.
The action builds slowly creating a decent amount of tension but it does have a payoff. The gore scenes are effective and pretty cool. There is definitely a feeling of claustrophobia that runs throughout the film, a feeling of being trapped that translates well to the viewer. Another good point is that the characters all seem real, especially Bree’s team, played by Catherine Haena Kim and Abe Spigner. They have fun a real world attitudes about them and it’s a nice change. 
Overall, this film, by director Walter Boholst, is a solid voodoo horror which keeps us in a feeling of isolation from the outside world. Once the characters get to Haiti, they are swallowed up by the madness and evil around. The nice thing is that we are too.

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