Exploitation Theater: C.B. Hustlers (1976)

Now and again you see a movie that makes you wonder, “Why aren’t more people doing that?” It just seems like such a great idea.  One great idea that has never happened (on a professional scale) is Mobile Prostitution. WHAT?! Look, I’m just saying that it’s enterprising and I am surprised that there isn’t a reality show about it yet. What movie had such a great idea as a plot? You know it had to come from the 70’s, and the movie is C.B. Hustlers.

C.B. Hustlers concerns Dancer (John Alderman) and Scuzz (Jacqueline Giroux) who are growing tired of their mobile prostitution business and want out. Why anyone with the genius to start and successfully run a business is never explained, but OK. They spends there days rolling the highways, “Selling Melons” and keeping his girls apprised of “Smokey’s” whereabouts, (Their C.B. handles are Hotbox 1, 2, & 3). Anyways, the law (Bruce Kimball) has been hot on their tale and he’s tired of it. Funny thing is, when the Sheriff does catch one of the girls (70’s sex icon and Russ Meyer poster girl Uschi Digard), he just stares at her rack and fumbles away. No real problem there.
No the problem comes when they are discovered by a pair of reporters (Richard Kennedy and John Goff) learn their secrets and want to break the story. They need to get these guys dirty in a way that won’t wash off!
C.B. Hustlers is very reflective of the time in which it was made. Car and Van movies were in abundance and Vans could be the setting for anything because of their roomy interior. It was a freer time that had people to be openly sexual without all the flower child nonsense that came along with the 60’s. 
The cast is decent for what they are asked to do. Bruce Kimball as the sheriff is very much a doppelganger for Jackie Gleeson in Smokey and the Bandit. Note that Smokey came out a year later. Maybe this film was Jackie’s Inspiration, hmmm. 
Alderman wrote the script with Goff and seemed to have a great time making it. This is a film about the joy of independent film making. Nothing is too outrageous and everything goes. This flick makes me want a van, pop it in a have a six pack of PBR, you could do worse.
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