Paranormal Activity 4 Wants to get you involved! Plus a New Still!

It seems like every new movie that comes out takes advantage of some new technology that’s out there. Paranormal Activity is no different and it seems like a fun idea. Now you’ll be able to experience the activity yourself…safely. Find out how below…

From the Press Release:

Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom, Inc., has teamed up with iPhone app Ptch (pronounced “pitch”) to give fans of the upcoming Paranormal Activity 4 an exciting new way to interact with the popular horror franchise. Starting today, Ptch app users will have the ability to integrate filters, sounds, clips and images from all four Paranormal Activity movies into their own videos and share them with friends on Ptch, Facebook, Twitter and email. This unique promotion with Ptch is the first time fans are able to add the films’ terrifying style into their own videos using Ptch. Paranormal Activity 4 opens in theaters nationwide on October 19, 2012.

Starting today, fans that create and share their own Paranormal Activity inspired vignettes could win tickets to be among the first to see Paranormal Activity 4 in their local theater as well as other movie merchandise. Winners will be chosen from a variety of categories including Most Popular (i.e., most shares, likes and views), Scariest, Most Realistic, and Most Tense. The contest will be open to U.S. residents ages 17 and older and will run until October 10, 2012. For full details and restrictions, see the Official Rules. No purchase necessary.

The Ptch app is available for iPhone 4, 4S and 5 devices, as well as the iPod and iPad, and is free to download now in the Apple App Store.  Kinda cool.

Also, PA4 send out a new pic of our dear little “Robbie”, the fun little neighbor of death! Ya gotta admit, I wouldn’t want to look up and see that.

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