Bikers vs. Bigfoot! Dear God No! (2011)

When I was young my mother took me to go see “Born losers” in the theater. It’s tame now but at the time it seemed like nothing I should have ever been watching. I did, however, fall in love with it (and so did she since from that point forward I was raised around around alot of bikers). So as you can imagine, I saw alot of biker flicks. Each more and more brutal, but nothing would prepare me for “Dear God No!”

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The movie opens with the aftermath of the rape and murder of a group of nuns by a bikergang.Then follow it up with the gory murder of a mother (off screen, but no less violent) and thats just the pre title sequence!

The Impalers biker club are rampaging through town killing everything. Soon their leader Jett (Jett Bryant) leads them to a secluded house where the seemingly helpless people are not what they seem!

“Dear God No!” is written and directed by James Bickert after a ten year absence. Let me tell you, he come back with a vengeance and hell came with him! Among the sites you can’t unsee include Richard Nixon Strippers, Bigfoot, Nazi Frankenstein zombies, Mother/Daughter Demon action and more!

Everything is spot on, from shooting the film on super 16mm with vintage cameras right down to the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer box! The film is truly like nothing else out there and you’ll be glad you seen it when you get the chance. Make sure you have plenty of alcohol on hand. I’m down for a mat shot, not sure about the Tampon Shot though…

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